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Jun Kim: Clinic Director, Registered TCM Practitioner, CMD, Certified Point Injection Therapist

 He is a registered TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) Practitioner of British Columbia and a registered Medical Doctor in China. Jun Kim graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and was one of the team doctors at the Korean Women’s football team in 2001 at the Beijing Games. He has been successfully treating back, neck&shoulder pain, arthritis, sports injuries, stomachache, toothache, eczema, psoriasis, facial rejuvenation), and alleviation of cancer pain.



Traditional Chinese Medicine

Point Injection Therapy

Saba Hoda MH, CHT: Acupressurist, Hypnotherapist (Associate Therapist)

  Saba Hoda is a physician with twenty years of experience as a pathologist in Iran. He used to run a private medical laboratory and also worked in assistant professor of pathology in Iran, teaching medical and dental students for twelve years. Hypnosis is mind characterized by . is usually accompanied by higher critical heightened imagery and increased learning potentials. Although sometimes even hypnotherapist use the term sleep during a session, the client is not sleeping. In B.C. Canada, he is a licensed Bodymind and owner of Hoda Wellness Centre in North Vancouver.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Bodymind Acupressure

Maureen Murray-Kitson: RMT, a Registered Massage Therapist 

Maureen graduated from Darcy Lane Massage Therapy school in 1992 and has been passionate about massage therapy and its benefits ever since. She combines her skills of soft tissue work -both deep and light- to restore balance to muscle and connective tissue; gentle joint mobilization to help restore alignment; manual lymph drainage to calm the nervous system and reduce swelling and pain and core based rehab Pilates to support healing and posture. Her goal is to help you work toward restoring balance to the body, calming the mind, reducing pain and improving function and posture.


Massage Therapy Treatment

Kumi H.: Aroma Coordinator, Thai massage Professional, Therapeutic Touch

  She has been working as a massage practitioner since and has worked extensively

with over 12,000 clients in the area of massage. She had trained most massage

in Japan. She holds certification in Aroma Coordinator, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch in BC,

many of experience of Thai is dedicated to continuing professional

development. She can work on relieving stress you forget

about life stress with a relaxation focused treatment. She is passionate about the positive effect of massage on the and soul.


Thai Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Therapeutic Touch